Resolving Damages Incurred During the Move

Your household goods have been delivered and you find that items have been lost or damaged in transit. What can you do?

If you notice that cartons or furniture are damaged upon delivery, make a note of it on the driver’s inventory sheet and contact your moving agent as soon as possible. The moving company will provide you with specific instructions on how to file a claim. If you have chosen an Professional Mover, you can be assured that your claim will receive prompt attention, and every effort to satisfy it will be made.

If you find damage at a later date, call your agent immediately. If it is within the time limit specified on your bill of lading, save the carton and packaging materials for inspection. Again, an Professional Mover will make every effort to handle your claim in a fair manner and in a reasonable time period.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the mover’s handling of the claim, or your claim is not resolved using the company’s normal claims process, you can refer to the Resolving Disputes with Movers section of this document to seek resolution. You also may file a claim in civil court.

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